First Blog....

So this is my first attempt at a blog - (how am I doing so far? :) - I always wondered why they decided to call it blog (and, yes I looked it up - it's short for weblog) but it's not exactly a log - like the Captain's log (stardate whatever) - and who else was that for, anyway? Do I get points for good spelling, punctuation, creativity.....? I'm in the middle of producing a bunch of artists so it's been tough to concentrate on my own music and such but I'm gonna make my music more of a priority - especially seeing as every time we (Jordan and the RituaL) play a show, someone asks to buy our CD and I sheepishly reply (as I shamefully look at the floor) "We don't have one..." It's ironic: I've been on over a hundred cds but never put out one of my own songs.....that will change this year. well I hope you enjoyed it - it wasn't nearly as painful (for me) as i thought it would be.... I leave you with a virtual tip of the hat, J

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